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August 20, 2007, as China's first Cash & Carry wholesalers, Metro announced that its five shopping malls - Shanghai Putuo shopping malls, Beijing Wanquanhe shopping malls, Beijing Shilihe shopping malls, Hongshan, Wuhan, Guangzhou Tianhe Shopping Center, shopping malls and access to the world's authority to use third-party certification body SGS SGS of Switzerland with the HACCP certification granted.

As a result, Metro became the first HACCP accredited through the wholesale and retail enterprises, and to further establish and consolidate its food safety management model in the industry leading position.

HACCP is in English (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) an abbreviation, the Chinese translation for "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point." Its essence is the process through all aspects of food safety hazard analysis carried out to identify critical control points, use of effective preventive measures and control means to minimize the extent of risk factors and take the necessary verification measures to make the products to achieve the desired requirements. It is also common in recent years, the world's food quality and safety control system, has been gradually introduced into Chinese enterprises.

Food Separation Management

Metro HACCP system is the most prominent feature of the management of food color separation: In the Metro shopping malls, different colors are used to distinguish between different food areas, where green fruits and vegetables, red meats, blue fish, etc. , while the corresponding regions of these foods, the operation and work uniforms for the employees must also use the corresponding appliance colors, in order to avoid cross-contamination.

Sanitation and hygiene control

HACCP hygiene is an important part of the implementation process. Metro at the mall through the door, walls, windows, ceilings, shelves, operating table, industrial equipment and the operator of the hand cleaning and disinfection, to safeguard and guarantee the cleanliness of stores. In the waste management, the requirements must be foot-operated hands-free trash can, thus avoiding hand contact with the contaminants. At the same time, we use the global clean expert Nikon (Ecolab) of food-grade special cleaning agent for disinfection of industrial equipment and the environment. Metro has also developed a strict store for all cleaning projects, including a clean point for each cleaning frequency and methods, and called for timely clean record.

Standard operation procedure

Metro has developed in line with the requirements of the HACCP system, quality standards, processes, and various inspection and maintenance records. The specific content is divided into health operations, standardized cleansing and disinfection, pest control, waste disposal, cold chain control, a full set of security processes, ranging from receiving, storing, processing, marketing, etc. all aspects of store operations. From the system to the customs, Metro has a professional quality management team. Shanghai headquarters specifically to food security with focus on quality control department, and in stores across the country to establish quality control manager, responsible for a day of shopping malls in all sectors of the goods out of sample quality, durability, sanitation and hygiene conditions, equipment maintenance , the Treasury Management monitoring inspection, identify problems, coordinate and solve immediately.

Strict temperature control

In the food circulation and distribution sectors to ensure food safety a key link in the cold chain is shipped to store fresh food from the source in the process of a "lifeline." METRO different commodities of different temperature control. For example, fresh meat commodities between 0 ℃ ~ 4 ℃ between the sales of storage professionals. The receipt, the store in the storage area according to standard-setting temperature control, and have someone check the timing of the temperature record, while shopping malls it was also setting up check the temperature of sales area. Metro is also dedicated to provide customers with thermal insulation bags, to ensure that the temperature of environment, special commodities there are no major fluctuations.

Independent receiving port

Receiving areas in shopping malls, shopping centers receiving department, sales department and quality manager at a joint appearance on all goods, production date, shelf life, packaging, labeling and related certificates strict inspections. Unqualified goods will be returned. What is worth mentioning that the Metro shopping malls for different categories of food with a different receiving ports, in order to avoid cross-contamination.

  Metro Cash & Carry self-service operation of the world's leader in the wholesale business and consistent focus on quality of food sold. Metro food safety management model in the industry has always maintained a leading position, and has become the core competitiveness of the company to consolidate the most important factor.

METRO confident that through innovation and continuous development of food products to improve their own quality control standards, and in close cooperation with the Government and counterparts, in order to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, improve food safety in China to contribute to the management level.

Good corporate citizens of the community:

As China's first Cash & Carry wholesalers, Metro with its unique business philosophy and a strong sense of social responsibility in China in 10 years, establish a healthy and good corporate citizen image, driving the pace of reach of each of its Pass the city's commercial and food security in the region to promote China's social harmony and contribute to development.

Metro's food safety system and the establishment of effective protection of the interests of consumers, while helping to government regulation and leading suppliers to improve their own level of food safety control. Meanwhile, Metro has set a good example, and actively promote enterprises to take on faith, environmental protection and crisis response such as social responsibility.

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