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Metro work hand in hand with the implementation of HACCP system

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China's largest imports of food, wine and hospitality equipment exhibition - Expo 2007 Shanghai FHC recently opened in Shanghai. The three-day exhibition, a total of 35 countries from more than 800 exhibitors. Court reporter will see, France, Italy, Australia and other countries gathered food, soft drinks, ice cream, coffee, everything

It is reported that this exhibition is not just food, "pk" the battlefield, but also advanced production platform for the exchange program. In the display area the scene, the reporter found that Metro in food quality and safety control system demonstration areas of different colors of food and caused many manufacturers to stop knives. According to the person in charge of this demonstration will focus on the Metro's industry-leading HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). It is reported that Metro's food safety control system of this most significant feature is the right foods dichroic management: at the mall, different colors are used to distinguish between different food areas, including green fruits and vegetables, red meat, blue for aquatic products and so on, while the corresponding regions of these foods, the operation and work uniforms for the employees must also use the corresponding appliance colors, in order to avoid cross-contamination. In order to allow visitors a more intuitive understanding of color separation management, and Metro in particular in the exhibition shows the ham knife with red handle, blue handle salmon knife, green handle knives and yellow vegetables, cheese knife handles a total of 37 different colors of the tool, as well as in shopping malls used in different regions of red, blue, yellow, green four-color boxes and cutting boards in order to maximize the daily management to enhance food safety, defense and management.

METRO plastic cutting boards, as a supplier of the country's 40 more than the same time, OEM sales of the company METRO colored plastic cutting boards, good quality, professional services, has won praise from our customers, we will have to work together hand in hand with the Metro.

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