Square Chopping Board
Color Chopping Board


Note: Square chopping boards can be made in any dimension and length according to customer's requirement. The width can reach 1.2m and the thickness is ranged from 0.2 to 5cm.

Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, brown, white, color separation system to implement.

Instruction: Clean it periodically every day.

Common Specifications
Model Specifications
7550 75*50*1cm-5cm
60400 60*40*1cm-5cm
53325 53*32.5*1cm-5cm
53320 53*32*1-5cm
50350 50*35*1cm-5cm
40300 40*30*1cm-5cm
2418 24''*18''*1''(1/2''、3/4''、2'')
1812 12''*18''*1''(1/2''、3/4''、2'')
1520 15''*20''*1''(1/2''、3/4''、2'')

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